Life: Our Year in Review (2019)

January – Our year started off with a bang! We jumped right into our second IUI which unfortunately was unsuccessful.  We also celebrated our 10 year anniversary of being together!  A big milestone which we celebrated with a trip to SeaWorld!  My Momma celebrated her one year of being cancer free!

February – We started our every own business, Cookie Rebellion!


March – We went full force getting Cookie Rebellion off the ground and little did we now that this is the month we would get pregnant for the very first time after ten years of infertility.

April – Our pregnancy was confirmed and we were elated!  We traveled to Atlanta, Georgia.

May – I traveled to Las Vegas for work and Jon joined me later in the trip.  Once we got home we found out our pregnancy was not viable and suffered a miscarriage.


June – Traveled to Ohio, Michigan and West Virginia.  We took the plunge and decided it was finally time to move to Henderson, NV!

July – Jon’s birthday! And we signed the paperwork to begin the building of our home!


August – We traveled to Vegas again, this time to pick out all of our options and upgrades for the house! I also hit my one hundred pound weight loss milestone! Oh, and I can’t forget our fun trip to Sequoia National Park.  We started trying again, to get pregnant.

September – A super relaxing and much needed getaway to Maui and Oahu!  We also made another trip to Las Vegas to check out our home after they laid the foundation!


October – My Birthday, our 4 year wedding anniversary, and another trip to Vegas to check on the house!

November – Our third IUI, our second pregnancy and subsequent second miscarriage.  Two trips to Las Vegas. Oh and our first scary drive in the snow!

December – Jon traveled out of town for work and we traveled to Las Vegas once more before the end of the year to check on the house.  Oh and an impromptu trip back to SeaWorld!



What I learned in 2019…

  • I’ve learned that some people want to hide from the truth.  It is easier for them to place the blame on you rather than admit what is right in front of them.
  • Sometimes it is necessary to remove toxic people from your lives and if they remove themselves from yours, even better.
  • Life will test you, and things will be hard but always persevere.  My motto, life is tough but so are you.
  • Always, always tell people you love them.  You never know what tomorrow will bring.
  • Traveling and getaways are essential to your sanity.
  • Fear can hold you back from making important steps forward.  Don’t let your fear do that to you.
  • You can do anything you put your mind to.
  • Always take steps forward.  Good enough is not good enough.
  • If things are meant to be God will make a way for those things to happen.
  • Treat people with love and respect.  Life if too short too to be a mean person.
  • Never take people for granted, you never know when it will be too late.

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